Hi there, my name is Pam and I am the creator and founder of "HUNAK - one of a kind".
The Brand was born in Mexico in 2018 and the word "HUNAK" comes from the ancient Maya language, which is still spoken in the small indigenous communities and means "unique", just "one of a kind!"
I'm based in Zurich Switzerland and rooted in the electronic nightlife scene, because i worked as a performance artist. As an imaginative and creative person, I started to design my own costumes, accessories and head pieces for my appearances.
Due to increasing inquiries and a high demand, I found out that many other people and free spirits like me are interested in my outfits. Within no time my hobby started to thrive into a business and I converted my apartment into a creative workplace and showroom.
Today i own my own showroom close to home.
My creations are exceptional and as a open-minded person I have a keen eye for special styles. I discover the gems, fabrics and amazing materials on my travels, places like vintage shops, flea markets or local artisans and I use them in combination with modern elements. All HUNAK one of a kind artwork pieces are handmade and out of the ordinary, inspired by art, dance, travel and culture.
My mission is to design exclusive, wearable art for the festival crowds, artists and fashion lovers, that are unique as the people who wear them.
Because we are all one of a kind, we are all HUNAK!