Thanks to a happy coincidence during one of my traveling, I met Marlon Mercanti, owner of a family-run tour agency in the Yucatan Peninsula, who brought me closer to the real Mayan culture.
He is dedicated to responsible and sustainable tourism, offering excursion outside of mass tourism in Harmony with nature and the vulnerable Maya communities. His work is really important to promote the direct economy, to ensure that tourism becomes a real source of income for the locals.
Inspired by his philosophy, I founded the "HUNAK SOCIAL" project together with my nomad friends Cristina and Marzia. "HUNAK SOCIAL" is a sustainable project born with passion and a vision, namely to support the artisan and create economic opportunities.
"HUNAK SOCIAL" focuses on traditional arts, crafts and fair trade.
We explore local markets, building partnerships around the world to sourcing beautiful HUNAK hand-made fashion and jewelry pieces that are culture-driven and of very high Quality. These ethical, handcraft fashion goods are also offered in my online shop.
Let's be social and support HUNAK communities!